Inspire as many people as possible to make a difference

We want to encourage the people of Quebec to participate in the cleanup and preservation of the environment. We also want to inspire governments and organizations so that collectively we can raise awareness and educate people on the importance of proper soil management. We aim to make a difference through promising projects that affect as many communities as possible, so that Quebecers become ambassadors of environmental protection. This is everyones fight.


To help the community live in a healthy environment

With our contaminated soil management projects, we provide citizens with green area to beautify their city through the rehabilitation of otherwise lost contaminated land. 


We are committed to informing the public about our activities to raise

awareness regarding the problems caused by soil contamination.


Finally, we offer our clients unparalleled service that complies with government regulations. 


Values passed down from father to son

Respect for the environment

At Solterra, respect for the environment is at the heart of our daily activities. By reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and groundwater contamination through massive tree planting, we contribute to reducing Quebecs environmental footprint. 


The environment is the pillar that supports our purpose and guides our decisions.




The transparency we employ when it comes to our activities and procedures is proof of our integrity. Treating all our employees, clients and partners with fairness and respect is part of our DNA. 


We always work in compliance with the regulations that govern our activities.




More than a company, we are a partner who always makes excellence a priority. We work to exceed expectations and go beyond our clients needs.


Solterra is a trusted partner that aims to surpass itself day after day.




We are a generous partner dedicated to providing a sustainable environment for present and future generations. 


We support our employees, our customers and our community with respect and caring so that everyone benefits from our projects.