A team of experts Young, experienced, visionary

The Solterra team stands out because of its leadership and thoroughness. All of our employees work using the same approach, which can be summed up in two words: client focused.


At Solterra, each client benefits from a fair and transparent approach.

Americo D'Errico - Solterra

Americo D’Errico

Gino D'Errico - Solterra

Gino D’Errico

President and founder

514 358-1618

Jesse Applebaum - Solterra

Jesse Applebaum

Vice-president of sales and business development

514 898-0563

Alain Ayoub - Solterra

Alain Ayoub

Director of operations

514 909-2675

Laurence Faucher - Solterra

Laurence Faucher

Operations and logistics manager

514 916-2089

Emanuelle Jette - Solterra

Emanuelle Jetté


514 977-8784