Solterra is a forward-thinking company that began developing a sustainable project in 2014.

Founded by Gino DErrico and his father, Americo DErrico, the goal was to decontaminate a 3-million square foot former orphan landfill site from the 1960s that was considered unsafe for the water table and the neighbourhood.

Close to 70,000 trees

We contribute to offsetting Quebecs GHG emissions with our contaminated soil management and remediation project in Mascouche. It has been a tremendous success in the industry, recognized by the major players in Quebec. 


A positive legacy that leaves its mark while diminishing its imprint. 


At Solterra, we’re proud to stimulate green development and the local economy.

Le leg durable

Solterra, the sustainable legacy of Quebecers

By ensuring that we’re creating a sustainable environment for current and future generations, the company is building an invaluable legacy of environmental know-how and expertise.


Solterra’s legacy also means making a pledge of hope to Quebecers. Our way of doing things is passed on to ensure the sustainability of our communities.


This model project for the industry is what positions Solterra as a leader.

Site de reboisement

A history already tracing its legacy

Our history is gradually being woven through the establishment of a future research and development institute focused on resolving the problems caused by contaminated soils. Future cooperation with universities and research centres will make it possible to find solutions for the remediation of contaminated soil and to train the next generation of young scientists in the growing field of soil protection.


This know-how developed in Quebec will eventually be exported to other provinces or countries that have the same problems concerning soil contamination. This will be a way to promote Quebec’s know-how in the environmental sphere, both locally and internationally.

Des actions durables - Solterra

Current and future sustainable actions for Quebec

The solutions that Solterra implements are sustainable. The goal of each project signed by the company is to create a better environment. We intend to achieve this by raising awareness in our communities and assuming a positive leadership role. We want to inspire and lead by example.


At Solterra, we’re proud to stimulate green development and the local economy.